About me

My name is Sean Gibson – I’m a Mancunian poet and writer working in London, having lived for the past couple of years in Brussels.

I’ve started this blog to publish and promote my creative writing, which I’ve been scribbling away at for some time now without ever much publicising. Hopefully this will tie it all together in one place, give it some volume.

Sean Gibson laughing, looking down

As you’ll see from some of the notes beneath my posts, I most recently had three poems published in ‘The Circle 19: a Brussels Anthology‘ (Idle Time Press, 2019). I previously had three more included in ‘Origami Poems and Towering Stories‘ (Earlyworks Press, 2017).

Also, back in the misty depths of history, when I was at school, I had my poetry published in the ‘All Write!’ anthologies of Manchester Metropolitan University (2005-09), winning the Samsung Poetry Prize in 2008 – I got an mp3 player and everything.

Thanks for bearing with me, and if you want to get in touch just hit the button at the bottom of this page.


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