Nights Drawing In (poem)

Every few paces

Leaf scrapes under foot;


Everywhere you look.

No two the same, but

All of one tree


The song of summer; rustle and sway,

The shock of colour on grey

Now fades.


Every few paces,

Leaves scrape underfoot;

As mulch they are all

Much alike,

Rotting in plain sight.


We tread through devastation,

And all I care to mention?

I wish you’d pick your bloody feet up.


By Sean Gibson. This poem was first published in ‘Origami Poems and Towering Stories‘ (Earlyworks Press 2019).


Nights Drawing In‘ was another early effort at a freer form of poetry.

Through its imperfections I can still see the value of my efforts to resist over-writing. I always try to keep that in mind now.