And Nobody There To Read It (poem)

Wrote what I wrote

In the dark

In unnatural light,

Snatched hours;

Both hands to my brow,

Drilling deep to find secrets,

Heavy work to fuel secrets – 

So hard to tell

What’s added, what’s lost

In the process.


Did what I did

And what I didn’t;

In this new light

The many cower.

Which shock would be worse – 

That this could all have been real

Or that I could just dream this up and steal

Your story so well?

What’s added, what’s lost;

Would you notice?


By Sean Gibson. This poem was first published in ‘Origami Poems and Towering Stories‘ (Earlyworks Press 2019).


And Nobody There To Read It‘ was among my first tinkerings with free verse.

Writing and editing this helped me relax into exploring alternative voices for my poetry, so I’ll always have a soft spot for it.